compressor station services

for over two decades, conserv has been providing a wide array of services within natural gas compressor station facilities, focused on
providing specialty and comprehensive services for our customers throughout the continental US.

Experience you can depend on (no babysitters required)

Natural gas compressor stations offer their own set of unique hazards – some above the ground and some below the ground.  To work safely in this often loud and vibrating environment, a contractor and every single staff member needs to understand the consequences of making bad or not well thought out decisions. Not using a spotter can result in a tragic incident.

ConServ and its teams have been working in compressor station environments since 1995 and our crew leaders have been around long enough to have a solid understanding of the demands of working in these facilities.  As a result, our customers trust our staff to get our jobs done while they go and complete theirs.

Compressor station
Service capabilities

Driven to be your one-stop-shop for compressor station services, ConServ offers the following:

  • AST and Process Vessel Cleaning (filter separators, dehy units, slug catchers,  scrubbers, etc.)
  • AST Upgrades, Changeouts, and Compliance Services
  • SPCC Compliance/Containment Upgrades
  • AST & Process Vessel Dismantlement/Retirement
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Internal Vessel Inspections
  • “Expert" Excavating and Trenching
  • General Construction (e.g., roof removal/replacements)
  • General Maintenance and Housekeeping Services
  • Impacted Soil Removal
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Facility Demolition and Retirement
  • Dustless Lead Paint Removal
  • Media Blasting including Sand, Dry Ice & Sponge
  • And More


ConServ started working in transmission pipeline compressor stations nearly 25 years ago providing environmental remediation and tank cleaning/retirement services.  While there, we had operational personnel asking  if we could pressure wash an oily compressor basement, open and clean a scrubber unit to get it back to operating properly, and haul off basement water to an injection well facility.  Today, we still provide those services but have added a whole lot more to our service menu.  From re-skinning entire compressor station facilities to installing/inspecting new process vessels to pouring a new sidewalk,  there’s not too many services (other than building a main line compressor station from scratch)  we haven’t provided within our customers compression facilities.   ConServ puts the turn-key back in services.