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ConServ Awarded 24 Well Plugging Program in PA

ConServ is pleased to announce it has been awarded a twenty four (24) well plugging and abandonment project in southwestern PA.  Work is slated to commence in coming weeks.

ConServ Commences Dehy Cleaning/Inspection Project

A ConServ crew was deployed this day to disassemble, clean, inspect and re-assemble a gas dehydration unit at a compression facility in southern WV.

ConServ Awarded 100% Turn-Key Plugging Program in WV

A WV oil and gas producer has selected ConServ to ‘turn-key’ complete (from permitting to site reclamation) all of its scheduled 2022 well plugging and abandonment projects pursuant to a consent order agreement with the WVDEP.

Commenting on the recent contract award, ConServ’s President stated: ” We appreciate the confidence our customer has placed in ConServ.  As I have stated many times over the years, ConServ has been in the business of plugging wells for 28 years now and coupled with ConServ’s other holdings/experience,  we know the plugging business inside and out.  This agreement and contract allows both parties to do what they do best, ConServ to focus on plugging wells and the producer to not be distracted and better able to focus on producing their valuable oil and gas .”

ConServ Kicks Off Water Treatment Plant Installation Project in OH

ConServ has been awarded a project to construct and install a facility water treatment system in northern Ohio.  Field activities are currently underway.

ConServ Quality & Safety Summit – It’s A Wrap!!

Wow.  What a week!  We just wrapped up our Annual Quality & Safety Summit with a 2021 Quality, Safety & Environmental performance review, a 2022 project lookahead and closing comments (on Dilemmas, Risk Normalization & Care) from ConServ’s President, Scott Freshwater.  It’s a long week but the initial feedback from participants has been positive.

ConServ Quality & Safety Summit – Damage Prevention

Our industry and customers have placed a huge emphasis on preventing damage to subsurface and surface utilities (water, sewer, gas, fiber optic and other lines).  From One Calls to Hydro-Excavation Potholing to Ground Penetrating Radar, we are all doing our part to mitigate the risk of damage to utility and unknown lines.   With the assistance of TC Energy’s Safety Manager  Tony Dean, a session was completed this day in regards to Damage Prevention which included a number of lessons learned from real and actual project locations.  Special thank you to TC and Tony for taking the time to meet with us.

ConServ Quality & Safety Summit – Telehandler & Manlift Training

A few years ago, some of our employee feedback was that forklift usage (& training) was becoming less and less relevant on ConServ project locations and telehandler and man-lift usage was increasing.  As a result, ConServ added training sessions to address this training gap.  With assistance from United Rentals, ConServ completed training sessions this day on the safe use of telehandlers and man lifts at ConServ Yard #4 and the ConServ Learning Center.


ConServ Quality & Safety Summit – Leadership Training

ConServ just wrapped an impressive training session titled:  Fundamentals of Safety Leadership (which included the topics of quality & competent person).   This session was presented by the WVU Extension Service  with an invited guest representative from OSHA.   Participants discussed industry specific scenarios requiring leadership, intervention, and ‘courage’ as well as interactive questions and answers directly with OSHA.

ConServ Kicks Off Its 2022 Quality & Safety Summit

Each year, ConServ idles nearly 100% of its projects to gather all its employees in multiple locations to complete a full week of refresher courses and introduce new training programs.  In addition to safety training, ConServ’s 2022 Summit placed a heavy emphasis on the concept of quality, the importance of quality, and how quality is directly connected to safety performance.  The Summit was kicked off by ConServ’s President, J Scott Freshwater, and its general topics included:

ConServ Wraps Up Urban Plugging Project

Plugging wells in a urban setting requires greater attention to details.  ConServ recently completed a project in a urban area near a high traffic roadway – safely and without incident..