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ConServ Announces Divestment of its Well Services Group

ConServ announces that it has divested the assets (rigs and other well plugging and abandonment related equipment) of its Well Services Group to Diversified Energy Company, PLC and those assets will join Diversified’ s existing asset retirement subsidiary Next LVL Energy.

Commenting of the divestment, ConServ President Scott Freshwater stated:  “After 52 years in the well servicing business, we believe now is the time to streamline the company and take the next step in ConServ’s evolution.  The Well Servicing Group represented ~ 20% of ConServ’s total annual revenue and we believe we have abundant opportunities in the other markets that ConServ currently serves to make up that difference in the short term.    I would like to thank our many Well Service Group employees for their dedicated service to the company and our many customers over the years for selecting ConServ’s Well Service Group as a vendor of choice.  On behalf of ConServ, “THANK YOU”.



Rig #6 Deployed to OH

ConServ Rig #6 (a Dickirson/KSM 550 Double Derrick) and a bundled service package was deployed this day to northern Ohio to complete a well plugging and abandonment project for a major oil an gas production company


ConServ Completes Pipeline Integrity Project in PA With Innovative Methane Capture

ConServ recently completed a pipeline integrity related project (i.e., PIG tether pull) in PA for a major natural gas transmission company. ConServ utilized “new” natural gas recovery methods to capture potential natural gas emissions (line pack) and transfer it to an active section of a neighboring gas pipeline. Normally, natural gas would have been isolated between valves and blown to the atmosphere to prepare the line for inspection.

ConServ Awarded & Commences Large Waste Logistics Management Project

A major gas transmission company has commissioned ConServ to manage the logistics (sampling, transportation & disposal) of an an estimated 30,000 tons of impacted soils.   Project field activities commenced earlier this week and will continue over the next several months.

ConServ Commences Demo Project Near Philly

As part of a customers ‘modernization’ program, ConServ commenced demo operations of a Auxiliary building at a gas compressor facility near Philadelphia, PA.

ConServ Acquires Additional Wireline Assets

As part of our continuous efforts to increase ConServ’s capabilities, ConServ recently received delivery of additional wireline support/pressure equipment from Texas.  Items acquired includes: wireline BOPS, change-overs, stand pipes an other misc. items.   All items were sandblasted, inspected, tested and verified ready for service prior to arrival at ConServ.


Rig #2 Deployed to New York

ConServ is pleased to announce that Rig #5  (a Dickirson SR-60 Double Pole) and a bundled service package (including wireline and cementing equipment) was deployed this day to New York to perform well plugging and abandonment projects for a gas storage field operator.



Rig #2 Deployed

ConServ Rig #2 and a bundled service package was deployed this day to commence well plugging and abandonment projects in northern WV and southwest PA

Making Progress in Iowa

ConServ continues to make progress on a major compressor station retirement projects in Iowa.

Rig #3 Deployed

Rig #3 was deployed this day to complete well maintenance projects in northern Ohio for a major gas storage field operator.