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ConServ’s Well P&A Group Develops Industry First “No NPT Guarantee”

At ConServ, we think and act differently than most all other well servicing contractors.  Due to owners’ experience in all aspects of the oil and gas industry, we are continually trying to set new standards in our industry and break the norms.

With that in mind, ConServ is pleased to announce its: “No NPT Guarantee” program for 2021.

So… what is NPT?   It stands for Non-Productive Time and it’s an ugly truth and a “real” cost incurred by all well operators which is seldom discussed until its too late and significant project cost overruns have occurred (i.e., Procurement/Sourcing groups typically do not recognize this important cost aspect during the bidding phase).  NPT brings to mind money wasted, failures, budget overruns, unreliability, breakdowns, inefficiencies, plans gone awry and many more unpleasant elements of a well P&A project – basically everything that ConServ’s P&A Group has been designed to address.

With all the puzzle pieces in place (as well as important redundant/contingency/preventative maintenance systems) to provide 100% turn-key services (earth work, rigs, wireline, trucking, cementing/pressure pumping, fishing & specialty tools, etc.) on well P&A projects, ConServ is pleased to announce it will be offering its “NO  NPT Guarantee” on its 2021 Well P&A projects wherein ConServ is providing its “bundled equipment/service packages”.  In brief, if NPT is incurred as a result of ConServ’s actions, NO charges are incurred by the customer for that downtime.   

Just a few examples would include:  time incurred during mechanical breakdowns, time waiting for wireline, cementing, water/waste trucks, time waiting for casing jacks, etc.

Commenting on the roll out of the “No NPT Guarantee” ConServ’s President Scott Freshwater stated: “Many years ago, we observed that our rigs drilling for our sister E&P company were sitting idle awaiting the services of third parties.. sometimes a day or more.  For some projects, this continues to be the case when there are too many cooks in the kitchen (too many subcontractors/third party vendors).  Recognizing that time is money, we slowly began modernizing and diversifying our equipment fleet and service lines to enable ConServ to greatly improve our efficiency, increase our reliability and significantly lower our total “all-in” project costs.  Our No NPT Guarantee is the culmination of ConServ’s 50 years of experience, years of reinvestments and welcoming of accountability on ConServ projects.”

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