Well services Group

One of the original capabilities of the company, Conserv has been providing
industry-leading well services to the oil and natural gas industry
throughout the appalachian region since 1970.

There's No One Quite Like Us

Since our founding nearly 50 years ago, ConServ has provided a multitude of services to meet the ever growing and changing demands of our customers. Today, ConServ operates and maintains one of the newest, largest and most diverse service rig fleets in the Appalachian Basin and has a proven track record for getting our projects completed safely, efficiently and cost effectively. Additionally, we bring “bundled" experience and services to the table that many of our peers can not – like cased hole wireline, high pressure pumping/cementing services, one of the largest inventories of specialty fishing & rental tool inventories in the eastern US, and a diverse (wellhead to burner tip) experience perspective.  Our customers find that we are their partner (much more than a mere contractor) striving to identify better ways of completing the projects we undertake.

Well Servicing

Although Well Plugging & Abandonment is our specialty, our team works to provide a number of well services to our customers including:

  • Well Drilling & Deepening
  • Well Maintenance, Swabbing & Remedial Work
  • Well Plugging & Abandonment (conventional & unconventional)
  • Cementing (up to 10,000 psi, RCM units with densitometers & data logging)
  • Cased-Hole/Remedial Wireline (including CBL/GR, freepoint, perforating, etc.)
  • Oilfield Transportation and Trucking
  • Well Pad Construction and Reclamation
  • Well Tie-In
  • Fishing and Specialty Equipment/Tool Rental (e.g., 1" drill pipe)
  • And More


ConServ is proud to to be a Veteran owned and operated company headquartered in Spencer, West Virginia. And while, each and every team member plays a vital role in the company, our operations are lead by a executive leadership team who grew up within and know the nuances of operating an oil and gas contracting business.

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Over our history, we observed that our rigs and crews were often sitting idle (Non-Productive Time or NPT) while awaiting the services of other service contractors to arrive on location.  At times, our rig NPT could be a day or more.  Over the years, we slowly and opportunistically began acquiring the tools, equipment and most importantly, the staff, required to complete our customers projects using 100% of ConServ's resources.   As a result, we and our customers discovered that our projects were completed more efficiently and as importantly, more safely (i.e., less cooks in the kitchen) than our peers.  Today, we often mobilize project-specific “bundled" equipment packages (including, a rig, cementing, wireline and other equipment) to project locations throughout the eastern US.   As an added bonus to our customers, ConServ is accountable for all the operations on our project sites.  If something breaks down or goes wrong (NPT), there is only one company to call and we welcome that accountability.  ConServ puts the “turn-key" back into services.