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Rig #6 Mast Undergoes API Level IV Inspection

In order to reduce the likelihood of mast collapses and protect rig workers, API developed Recommended Practice (RP) 4G for rig owners/operators to adhere to.   Current API RP4G (revised in 2020) requires Level 4 mast inspections every 3,650 operating days or 13 years (which ever comes first).  A Level IV inspection generally consists of removal the the mast, inspection of the crown, sheaves, welds and other critical components.    As such, Rig #6  (which ConServ purchased new and placed into service in 2006) was taken out of service for inspection, has successfully passed the inspection, and is now ready for another 13 years of service.

At ConServ, our customers expect us to provide them the safest and most efficient equipment in the industry.  ConServ not only wants to protect its employees, but also the reputation of our customers and the industry we all work in.   Look for Rig #6 to be deployed to projects soon.