ConServ Awarded Vessel Cleaning Project

A major gas transmission company has awarded ConServ a project to perform annual cleaning of  vessels at a gas compressor facility.  Work is slated to commence next week.

ConServ Completes Compressor Building Dismantlement Project

ConServ recently wrapped up (both safely and on-schedule) a compressor building dismantlement project in Virginia.  Work generally consisted of:  turbine unit and associated piping disconnect and removal (for reuse), structure dismantlement (for reuse), and concrete removal to 18″ below grade.

ConServ Headed to Minnesota

ConServ is pleased to announce it has been awarded a pipeline integrity project in Minnesota.  Work is slated to commence next week.

Rig #1 Deployed

ConServ is pleased to announce that ConServ Rig #1 (its IDECO H35 Rambler) was deployed this week for 2018 projects for a natural gas storage field operator.

ConServ President Elected to National Youth Science Foundation Board of Trustees

ConServ is pleased to announce that its President, J. Scott Freshwater, has been elected to serve on the Board of Trustees of the National Youth Science Foundation (NYSF).

ConServ Completes First Successful Field Test of Pump Truck #5 (PT5)

Earlier this day, ConServ completed its first successful cement pumping project using its recently completed Pump Truck #5.  PT #5 is a low pressure cementing (<1,350 psi) unit design for conventional well applications and utilizes the long proven Gaso 1550 duplex pump as its primary pumping unit.

ConServ Awarded Marcellus Well Plugging Project In PA

ConServ is pleased to announce it has been awarded a ‘turn-key’ Marcellus well plugging project from a new client in southwest PA.  Field work is slated to commence in upcoming weeks.

ConServ Mobilizes Crew to Lake Charles, LA

As part of a pipeline operators integrity management program, ConServ mobilized a crew to commence an ILI Tool (Smart Pigging) project in Lake Charles, LA.

ConServ Increases Fishing & Rental Tool Inventory

Last week, ConServ added ~ 6,200 of “new”  2 3/8″ PH6 Hy-Drill pipe to its OCTG inventory.   This pipe is racked, staged and ready for deployment to support any of ConServ’s rigs should it be needed as a work string.  With the addition of this pipe, ConServ has one of the largest inventories in the region of more exotic, small diameter tubulars (1″ to 3 1/2″ drill pipe and associated “slim-hole collars”).

ConServ’s Wayne Williams Receives Safety Recognition

Last week, one of ConServ’s long time clients recognized Wayne Williams for his and his crews HSE performance on a complex ConServ project in Ohio.  Congrats Wayne.  Well deserved.


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