ConServ Donates Its Services to P&A Gas Well at University of Charleston’s Triana Field

To make way for upcoming university projects, UC opted to retire a gas well drilled on its campus’s baseball complex (Triana Field) in 2006 to feed the University.  Albeit the well was still productive, its location impeded UC’s development plans.  Knowing the UC well was originally drilled as an “in-kind” contribution (involving a number of industry parties) to UC, ConServ felt it was only appropriate that’s its plugging and abandonment (despite its high profile location across from the WV Capitol) also be completed by industry (in this case, 100%  by ConServ providing its “turnkey” services of rig, cementing, wireline, etc.) as an ” in kind” contribution to the University of Charleston.   Well plugging operations were completed on this day.


ConServ Hires Johnny Payne to Serve As Vice President

ConServ is pleased to announce the hiring of Johnny Payne as Vice President.  Johnny, a fellow Roane County native looking for employment closer to home, holds degrees in Civil Engineering and Information Systems Technology.  He joins ConServ after working the last 18 years in the oil and gas /construction industry as a Project Engineer, Chief Estimator and Manager.  From 2001 to 2009, he served for the 130th Airlift Wing of the WV Air Force National Guard.

ConServ Awarded ASTs Upgrades/Modifications Projects

A major gas transmission company has awarded ConServ an AST upgrades projects are multiple gas compression facilities.   The work scope will generally consist of piping modifications and valving installation. Field activities is slated to commence in coming weeks.

ConServ Awarded Turn-Key Drilling Project in WV

ConServ has been awarded a “turn key”  new well drilling project in WV.  Rig #10 ( our Speedstar 185 Drilling Rig)  is being prepped for mobilization/rig up later this week.  In addition to drilling services, ConServ will be providing pad prep/reclamation, trucking, cementing, wireline, and completion services.

ConServ Awarded Multiple Pipeline Integrity Projects in Wisconsin

ConServ has been awarded gas pipeline integrity related projects in the state of Wisconsin.  One project has been completed and a crew is enroute this week to complete another (2 of 3).

ConServ Awarded Demo Project In PA

To make way for new gas compression facilities, ConServ has been awarded a “turn-key”  demolition project in Greene County, PA.  Work is slated to commence in coming weeks.

Off to Lousiana

A major gas transmission pipeline operator has mobilized a ConServ crew this day to Louisiana to support various pipeline integrity projects in the state for the next 30 days.


ConServ Adds to Fishing & Specialty Tool Inventory

In order to better serve our customers needs, ConServ has added a 6,500 feet string of double white band 1″ drill pipe to its inventory of specialty items.

ConServ Awarded AST Retirement Project

A major gas transmission company has commissioned ConServ to retire a WVDEP regulated AST in accordance WVDEP Closure requirements.  Work is slated to commence next week.

Rig #3 Deployed To Ohio

ConServ’s Rig #3 (a Dickirson SW17 Swabbing Rig ) was deployed this day to Ohio to swab wells in various gas storage fields.

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