ConServ Awarded Project in Corpus Christi TX

ConServ is pleased to announce it has been awarded a pipeline integrity project in Corpus Christi, TX.  Work is slated to commence later this month.

ConServ Adds Additional Cement Pumping Unit

In support of ConServ’s rig projects, ConServ recently acquired an additional cement pumping units to its fleet.   Upgrades and field testing is anticipated to be completed in the first quarter of 2018 with filed deployment scheduled for April 1, 2018.  With the addition of this unit, ConServ will own and operate six (6) variably sized (1,000 psi to 10,000 psi) and application cementing units.

ConServ Awarded New Vertical Well Drilling Project

ConServ is pleased to announce that a conventional oil and gas producer has commissioned ConServ and its Rig #10 (a Speedstar 185 Drilling Rig) to support its vertical well drilling program.   In addition to drilling services (air and fluid), ConServ will be providing an assortment of ‘turn-key’ services including:  site preparation, trucking, cementing, open-hole logging, water hauling, trucking and lastly, site reclamation. Rig #10 was mobilized to the field earlier this day with drilling operations anticipated to commence early next week.

ConServ Awarded Soil Remediation Project

In support of a compressor station expansion project, ConServ has mobilized a crew to excavate and remove impacted soils within the construction zone limits.  Work is currently underway.

ConServ Transfers Rig #7 To Marcellus P&A Project

Within the last few days, ConServ Rig #7 (a Dickirson SR80 double pole rig) completed a conventional well plugging program on northern WV.  Rig #7 is now being mobilized to PA to complete a Marcellus well plugging project for a major oil and gas producer.

ConServ President Presents at Contractor Safety Meeting

ConServ’s President, Scott Freshwater. was invited by a major oil and gas operator to speak at their annual contractors safety meeting earlier this week.  Mr. Freshwaters’ topics of presentation included: “The Basics of Developing a Safety Culture in the P&A Business” and “A Discussion on Process Safety Reviews (PSRs)”

ConServ Yard #4 “Phase 1” Expansion Nears Completion

Over the last several months, ConServ has acquired additional property adjoining ConServ Yard #4 (our Windyville Yard).  This expansion will more than double our existing Yard #4 footprint and allow for a consolidation of our current WV yards from five (5) to two (2).  Ultimately, Yard #4 will serve as our central working location and include storage and warehousing of all ConServ’s various assets.   Phase 1 included property acquisition and initial site development and Phase 2 is anticipated to kick-off in the second quarter of 2018.  Phase 2 will include:  infrastructure installation (i.e., water, sewage, etc.) additional backfilling/ site development, and initial warehouse installation.


Upgrades Underway on ConServ Rig #6

ConServ Rig #6 (a Dickirson 550, Double Derrick) has been sent to its manufacturer for upgrades and preparation for service in 2018.

ConServ Wraps Up New Odorant Tank Installation In OH

ConServ recently completed installation and commissioning of a new odorant tank and associated equipment at a site near Cincinnati, Ohio.

The “Moose” Is Loose In Michigan

ConServ is pleased to announce that it has commenced activities on an impacted concrete decontamination project in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a major gas transmission company.  Work generally consists of removing 1/2″ of concrete flooring using ConServ’s dustless concrete scabbling/containerization units (i.e., the “Moose”) and placement of a new epoxy flooring system once remediation is completed.




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