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Rig #7 Deployed

ConServ’s Rig #7 (a Dickirson SR80) and its support equipment was deployed this day to northern WV to complete a P&A project for a major Appalachian Basin producer.

ConServ Awarded Vessel Cleaning Project In VA

A ConServ crew is mobilizing this day to clean process vessels (i.e. Filter Separators) at a gas compression facility in Virginia

Rig #3 Deployed to OH

ConServ is pleased to announce that its Rig #3 (a Dickirson SW17 Swabbing Rig) was deployed to a gas storage field operator in OH.

ConServ Responds to Release In Ohio

A major gas pipeline operator called upon ConServ to respond to an environmental release in Ohio.  Work commenced on Friday night and continues.

ConServ Awarded Marcellus Well Plugging & Abandonment Project

A major Appalachia oil and gas operator has awarded ConServ a Marcellus P&A project in northern WV.  Field work is slated to commence in coming weeks.

Off to Iowa

ConServ is pleased to announce it has been awarded a pipeline integrity related project in the state of Iowa for a major gas transmission company.  Work is slated to commence in coming days.

Rig #6 Deployed

ConServ Rig #6 has been deployed to complete gas storage field related projects,

ConServ Awared Multiple AST Installation Projects in WV & PA

A major gas transmission company has awarded ConServ projects to install new Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) at gas compressor facilities in WV and PA.

ConServ Adds Three (3) High Pressure Cement Pumping Units & Other Equipment

In order to meet customer demands, ConServ recently acquired three (3) additional high pressure (10k psi) cement pumping units and other items for its equipment fleet.

ConServ Awarded Impacted Soil Remediation Projects in Wisconsin & Minnesota

ConServ is pleased to have been awarded impacted soil removal projects at multiple natural gas facilities in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  ConServ has mobilized and work is currently underway.

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