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Rig #7 Deployed

ConServ is pleased to announce Rig #7 (a Dickirson SR80) has been deployed to perform P&A projects in northern WV

Rig #3 Deployed in OH – Time To Swab

With improved natural gas prices, it’s finally time to look at swabbing wells to improve production and sales.   ConServ’s Rig #3  (a Dickirson SW17 swabbing rig) was deployed this day to perform swabbing operations in Ohio.

Robot Deployed – Leading Technology for ILI Inspections

At 7:00 pm last evening, ConServ crews assisted in the deployment of an innovative self-propelled, remotely-controlled, and fully-articulated In-Line Inspection robot.


Efficient, Cost Effective and Safe Well P&A

Sometimes a photo says more than words.

The above photo illustrates how ConServ can P&A wells more cost effectively and safely then peers by completing 2-3 days work in a single day.    Efficiency is the key to reducing well P&A costs (versus unit cost rates).  Couple that with ConServ’s “NO NPT Guarantee” (no ConServ costs incurred if waiting arrival of other ConServ Equipment), no one can do it more cost effectively.

This photo was taken this day and shows ConServ Rig #6, ConServ Cementing Equipment and a ConServ Wireline Unit all working in conjunction with each other on a unconventional well P&A site in northeast PA.

Bottom line, it’s not what you charge per hour or per day that really matter;  it’s what you get done in that hour/day the really does.

Here We Go…. ConServ’s BRAND NEW 2021 Rig #8 Deployed

For the first time in 15 years and further evidence of ConServ’s continual reinvestments in the company, ConServ deployed a ‘brand new’ double derrick rig (Rig #8; a Service King SK 575 Double Drum/Derrick) to commence well plugging and abandonment projects.  Rig #8 has been outfitted with industry leading upgrades such as a ‘rig-specific’ engineered base beam; Posi-Stop Floor/Crown Savers, adjustable height operator platforms and more.   Here’s to many years of service!!!

Arrival at Job #1

ConServ Kicks Off Targeted Demo Project in OH

ConServ is pleased to announce that it kicked off a targeted demo project this day for a LDC/gas utility in OH.

ConServ Awarded Pipeline ILI Project in Illinois

A major pipeline contractor awarded ConServ a pipeline In-Line Inspection (ILI) project in Illinois.  A ConServ crew was deployed this day to provide wireline tether pull services of the ILI tools.

ConServ Casing Jacks Deployed

ConServ is pleased to announce it deployed its casing jacks for a gas storage field operator to complete (not one…. but two) projects in a single day.  2 jobs down and hopefully many more to follow.

ConServ Awarded Drip Removal Project in OH

As part of a major pipeline operators goal to make all of its pipelines “piggable’, ConServ has been awarded a drip removal project in OH.  Field work is commencing in coming days.

ConServ Responds to Environmental Release

ConServ crews were activated last evening to respond to an environmental release at a pipeline-related facility.  Cleanup is underway.