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ConServ Commissioned to Respond to Mercury Release In OH

Over the years, ConServ has completed a number of mercury meter related remediation projects.  One of ConServ’s long standing clients commissioned ConServ to respond to an apparent historical mercury release in a gas measurement building.  Work is slated to commence later this week.

ConServ Awarded Emergency “Drip” Removal Project in KY

As part of an ILI program of a major transmission pipeline customer, an obstruction was encountered and determined to be an unknown/unmarked drip location within an apartment complex.   ConServ crews were immediately mobilized to excavate and remove the drip and install a new section of piping to allow ILI operations to re-commence.  Site clean-up is currently underway.

ConServ Awarded Vessel Cleaning Projects in PA& MY

A natural gas transmission company has awarded ConServ multiple vessel cleaning projects (i.e., Filter Separators) in a natural gas compressor facilities in NY and PA.  Field activities are now underway.

Staff Changes – Doug Douglass Promoted to VP -Special Projects

ConServ is pleased to announce that Doug Douglass, ConServ’s long time land manager and general counsel, has been promoted to Vice President – Special Projects.   Mr. Douglass has been an employee of ConServ since 2007 and is familiar with ConServ’s customers, operations, and culture.


Rig #5 Deployed to Northern WV

ConServ is pleased to announce that Rig #5 ( a Dickirson SR60 Double Pole) and a “bundled service” package was deployed this day to commence a conventional well P&A program for a regional natural gas producer.

Rig #9 Deployed to SW PA

ConServ is pleased to announce that Rig #9 (a Dickirson SR-60 Double Pole) and a “bundled service” package was deployed this day to commence a P&A program for a major global energy producer in SW PA.

ConServ Performs Spill Response

ConServ recently responded to an fluid release at a natural gas compressor station in West Virginia

ConServ Approves and Begins Upgrades to Rig #6 and Rig #9

As part of our efforts to ensure that ConServ rigs are the safest in the industry and to meet ConServ customer expectations, ConServ recently mobilized Rig #9 (a Dickirson SR60 double pole rig) to the OEM to commence the installation of “Posi-Stop” floor and crown protection systems.  Rig #6 (a Dickirson D550 Double Derrick rig) will also be upgraded in comings weeks.

ConServ Awarded Unconventional Well P&A Program in PA

ConServ is pleased to announce a major integrated energy company (and new ConServ customer) has commissioned ConServ to “turn-key’ complete a P&A program in Pennsylvania.  Worked in slated to commence in coming weeks.

ConServ Awarded Pipeline Integrity Project In TX

ConServ is pleased to announce it has been awarded a pipeline integrity related project in Katy, TX.