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Potential New Customer Comes to Town

As part of their contractor on-boarding process, a major multi-national integrated oil and gas company visited ConServ’s Headquarters and Yard #4 to perform an HSSE audit of ConServ P&Ps.  Following the audit completion,  they performed an inspection of the quality/capabilities of ConServ’s equipment and other resources.

ConServ Mobilizes Crew to Support Pipeline Inspection Project in OH

As part of a pipeline in-line inspection project for a major gas transmission company, ConServ has mobilized one of our pipeline services crews (including welders and equipment) to be on stand-by (24 hours/day; 7 days per week) should problems be encountered during the piping and inspection operations.   The subject pipeline feeds major customers and down-time is required to be minimized.

ConServ Rig #8 Deployed to OH

ConServ is pleased to announce that Rig #8 (a Dickirson SR-60) was deployed this day to perform Marcellus and Utica well swabbing/maintenance operations.

ConServ Kicks Off WV Atmospheric Corrosion Program

As part of a regulated pipeline operators Integrity Management Program (IMP), ConServ conducted a project kick -off meeting this morning and mobilized a team this afternoon to commence an atmospheric corrosion program throughout West Virginia.  This program is anticipated to be completed in 4-5 months.

ConServ Awarded Atmospheric Corrosion Program In TN/KY

A major gas transmission pipeline operator has awarded ConServ an atmospheric corrosion program at multiple sites in the states of TN and KY.  Work is slated to commence in coming weeks and be completed in an estimated 4-5 months.

ConServ Awarded Pipeline Atmospheric Corrosion Program in WV

In support of a major gas transmission pipeline’s Integrity Management Program (IMP), ConServ has been awarded a ‘multi-site’ atmospheric corrosion program.   Work is will commence in coming days.



ConServ Awarded Pipeline Integrity Projects in IA and IL

ConServ is pleased to announce that it has been awarded pipeline integrity projects in Moline, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa.  Work is slated to commence in June and July.

ConServ Takes Delivery of Two (2) Additional Bulk Cement Transport Trucks

ConServ is pleased to announce it has added two (2) additional body-load cement bulk trucks to its fleet.  With the addition of these units,  our transport fleet currently consists of seven (7) body-load bulk trucks.

Rig #6 Deployed to Marcellus P&A Projects

ConServ is pleased to announce that its Rig #6 (a Dickirson D550 Double Derrick) was deployed this week to commence Marcellus and deep well P&A projects for a major gas production company.  In addition to rig services, ConServ will also be providing wireline, cementing and other support services on this “turn-key” project.

ConServ Kicks Off Pipeline Integrity Projects in VA and WV

With that last few weeks, ConServ has commenced field activities on a couple of pipeline integrity related projects for a major gas transmission company.  Here’s some photos from our Virginia project.