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ConServ Wraps Up Compressor Station Drainage Enhancement/Outfall Repair Project

Following the installation of new compression and other facilities, a major gas transmission company commissioned ConServ to perform various drainage enhancement projects to address ponding and reduce E&S concerns.

ConServ Awarded Multi-Well P&A Program in OH

A gas storage operator has selected ConServ to provide its “bundled services” package to expedite the P&A of gas storage wells in OH.  Work is slated to commence in December.


Rig #8 Deployed to OH

Rig #8 was deployed the week to perform well servicing operations for a major oil and gas producer

ConServ Wraps Up Vessel Cleaning Project in VA

In support of compressor station operations, ConServ recently completed a vessel cleaning (i.e., filter separators) project in Virginia for a major gas transmission pipeline operator.

ConServ Kicks Off Facility Retirement Project In Maryland

ConServ mobilized a crew this week to commence retirement of natural gas related facility near Baltimore, Maryland.

ConServ Awarded Pipeline Remediation Project in Central PA

As part of a pipeline upgrade/replacement program, ConServ has been commissioned to assist in remediation/disposal of impacted natural gas pipeline.  The project will generally involve sizing several thousand feet of impacted pipeline sections to < 3 ft. lengths and shipping the material for disposal.  Work is slated to commence in coming days.

Rig #1 Deployed To PA

ConServ is pleased to announce that Rig #1 (an IDECO H35 with API Upgrades) was deployed this week to SW PA to complete a P&A program for a global integrated energy producer.

ConServ Welcomes Back Mr. Chad Smith as Senior Project Manager

ConServ is pleased to announce the return of Chad Smith in the position of Senior Project Manager at ConServ.  Chad was employed by ConServ for about 5 years in the early 2000’s in a variety of roles (including project management).  After leaving ConServ, Chad quickly rose through the ranks at Cabot Oil & Gas from Corrosion Tech to General Foreman to Facilities Specialist to Superintendent in Danville (WV) & Susquehanna (PA) where he was responsible for managing 44 employees, 1100 wells and over 1,000 miles of regulated and unregulated gas pipeline.

Rig #2 Deployed

ConServ is pleased to announce that Rig #2 (a Dickirson SR-80 Double Pole Rig) was deployed this day to perform well servicing operations in a gas storage field.

ConServ Commissioned to Respond to Mercury Release In OH

Over the years, ConServ has completed a number of mercury meter related remediation projects.  One of ConServ’s long standing clients commissioned ConServ to respond to an apparent historical mercury release in a gas measurement building.  Work is slated to commence later this week.