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ConServ Awarded 100% Turn-Key P&A Program in WV & PA

A natural gas service provider/distribution company  has awarded ConServ a multi-well P&A program in WV and PA.  For this particular project, ConServ will be providing land & permitting services as well as all the other services required to P&A the subject wells (i.e., rig, cementing, wireline, earthworks, etc.).

ConServ Awarded AST Upgrades & Coating Application Projects in WV & OH

A major gas transmission company has awarded ConServ Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) Upgrades & Coating Application projects in WV and OH at various gas compression facilities.  Work is slated to commence in coming days.

ConServ Open House

ConServ’s 2019 Safety Summit concluded with an Open House to celebrate the opening & expansion of ConServ’s Yard #4 and show our various customers the wide array of services/equipment provided by ConServ.  We would like to thank our customers for coming out and enjoying a beautiful early Spring day.


ConServ Rig #4 Crew Recognized

As part of the ConServ 2019 Safety Summit, ConServ Rig #4 and its crews were formally recognized by EQT  for their superior safety performance in 2018.  Congrats to the Rig #4 crew and keep up the good work in 2019!!

ConServ Safety Summit 2019 Wraps Up

Each Spring, ConServ idles most all of its projects to gather 100% of its employees for one week (5 days) of intensive and relevant class-room and hands-on training.  From OSHA to MSHA to PHSMA specific training, we cover a broad array of subject matters while concurrently completing each employees annual physical/hearing examinations at the training location.   This year, as in years past, we also had a number of our customers present their 2019 safety initiatives/focus areas to ensure we start the work season and our projects in the right mind-set.

This year’s Safety Summit closed out with a presentation by ConServ’s President Scott Freshwater and a group discussion on three themes: Care, Risk Normalization and Dilemmas. These three themes were used as a ‘lens’ to talk about anything to do with safety. They provided us with a common language across the company while also allowing us to have focused conversations that are relevant to our own situations.  During this conversation we talked about all three of the themes, site specific examples, how they are connected, how we can use them to look at safety differently and how we will use them on an ongoing basis after ConServ’s Safety Summit.   The goal of the conversation was to further refine the ConServ culture to where everyone is equally responsible for the outcome – to make Absolute ZERO a reality every day


ConServ Safety Summit 2019

ConServ Safety Summit 2019

ConServ Safety Summit 2019

ConServ Safety Summit Starts Today

ConServ Awarded Isolation Joint Replacement Project in WV

As part of a major gas transmission companies facility upgrades, ConServ has been awarded the above referenced project at a mainline compression facility in WV.  Work is slated to commence in upcoming weeks.