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ConServ Awarded Gas Piping Support/Pier Upgrade Project

A major gas transmission company has awarded ConServ a concrete pier (supporting gas piping) rehabilitation and replacement project at a compressor station in northern WV.

ConServ Awarded Unconventional & Conventional Well P&A Package In OH

A major gas producer has awarded ConServ a  ‘turn-key’ multi-well P&A program in Ohio.  ConServ will be providing rig, wireline, cementing and all other services required to complete the project as safely and efficiently as possible.

ConServ Awarded Pipeline Integrity Project in LA

ConServ is pleased to announce it has been awarded a ILI support project in Louisiana.  Work is slated to commence in coming weeks.

ConServ Awarded Vessel Cleaning Project

A major gas transmission company has selected ConServ to complete a vessel cleaning project in support of compressor facility operations.

ConServ Receives “A” HSE Rating

As part of a potential new client’s (a major, globally  integrated energy company) on-boarding process, a contractor safety audit was completed of ConServ in May 2019.  Based on the findings and the prospective customer’s scoring criteria, ConServ received an “A” letter grade.

Commenting on the recent evaluation, ConServ’s President J. Scott Freshwater stated:  “Although we still haven’t reached the top of the mountain in regards to safety culture and we will always have room for improvement, it’s great to see our company continue to make strides and be recognized for its efforts.  None of which would be possible without having great customers, patiently helping us along our journey, and employees understanding that the old ways of doing business… no longer apply.”


ConServ Rig #8 Deployed to OH

ConServ Rig #8 (a Dickirson SR60 Double Pole) was deployed this day to commence well swabbing operations for a major oil and gas producer in Ohio.

ConServ Heading to Indiana

ConServ is mobilizing a crew and equipment this day to perform a pipeline integrity-related project in Indiana.

ConServ Kicks Off TN Projects

ConServ mobilized a crew this day to commence an Atmospheric Corrosion program in Tennessee for a major gas transmission pipeline operator.  As of today, ConServ has two Atmospheric Corrosion Teams deployed in the eastern US.

Rig #7 Deployed to PA

ConServ is pleased to announce that ConServ Rig #7 (a Dickirson SR80 Double Pole) was deployed this day for a natural gas storage field operator.

ConServ Mobilizes Pipeline Crew to VA

ConServ mobilized a crew to the Dranesville, Virginia area to retire a pipeline system for a major gas transmission company at a major interconnection point.  Work is currently underway