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ConServ Awarded Multi-State Rig & Cementing Services Program

A major gas storage operator has provided award notifications this day for both rig and cementing/pressure pumping services over a four (4) state region of the Northeast in support of their 2020 program.

ConServ Awarded Atmospheric Remediation Projects

ConServ is pleased to announce it has been awarded multiple atmospheric remediation projects for a major gas transmission company.  Field activities are slated to commence in coming weeks.



Rig #4 Mast and Components Undergo API Inspections

As part of ConServ’s efforts to assure our employees and clients are safe and protected, Rig #4 recently underwent an API Level IV Mast Inspection in accordance with API RP4G consisting of blocks removal, mast and crown removal, sandblast to bare metal, ultrasonic and mag particle examination, painting, and reassembly.  In addition to the mast, Rig #4’s blocks and bails were also inspected in accordance with API RP 8B.  Lastly, the reassembled mast and components were subjected to a verification ‘pull test’ with a newly calibrated weight indicator.

Commenting on Rig #4, ConServ’s Vice President Doug Douglass stated: “Ensuring ConServ equipment is fully maintained is of utmost importance to ConServ, its employees, and its customers.  API inspections are critical to ensuring that our equipment is safe and ready for operation.  Often times, rig owners and customers don’t learn about API requirements (which equate to OSHA requirements where no OSHA specific regulations exist) until an unfortunate or tragic incident occurs.”



ConServ Responds To Environmental Release

A major pipeline operator commissioned ConServ to respond to an environmental release at a gas compression facility in West Virginia.  ConServ crews worked through the weekend to perform clean up operations.

ConServ – Giving Back

ConServ recently teamed up with Spencer HandiMart to procure state of the art iPads for the Roane County Emergency Squad.  Here’s a recent Letter to the Editor from the local newspaper thanking ConServ for the support.

ConServ Kicks-Off New Facility Enhancement Projects in KY

A major gas transmission company has contracted ConServ to perform a variety of facility enhancements at a new-build gas compression facility.  Field activities are underway.

ConServ Awarded Well 2020 P&A Program

A major Appalachian Basin producer has awarded ConServ their 2020 Conventional Well Plugging program.  It is anticipated this project will require 2 rigs initially with the optionality to add 2 additional rigs (4 total) as the years progresses.

ConServ Responds to Environmental Release in OH

A major natural gas industry client commissioned ConServ to respond to an environmental release within a gas compression facility in Ohio.

ConServ Awarded Pipeline Project In Sour Lake, Texas

ConServ is pleased to announce it has been awarded a pipeline integrity related project at a terminal facility in Sour Lake, Texas.  Work is slated to commence in coming weeks.

Rig #5 Deployed

ConServ is pleased to announce Rig #5 (a Dickirson SR60 Double Pole) was deployed this day to perform “bundled service” P&A projects in northern WV.