ConServ Donates Its Services to P&A Gas Well at University of Charleston’s Triana Field

To make way for upcoming university projects, UC opted to retire a gas well drilled on its campus’s baseball complex (Triana Field) in 2006 to feed the University.  Albeit the well was still productive, its location impeded UC’s development plans.  Knowing the UC well was originally drilled as an “in-kind” contribution (involving a number of industry parties) to UC, ConServ felt it was only appropriate that’s its plugging and abandonment (despite its high profile location across from the WV Capitol) also be completed by industry (in this case, 100%  by ConServ providing its “turnkey” services of rig, cementing, wireline, etc.) as an ” in kind” contribution to the University of Charleston.   Well plugging operations were completed on this day.


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