Rig #1 Refurbishment/Upgrade Complete & In-Service

Refurbishment activities have been completed on ConServ’s Ideco H35 Rambler Double Derrick Back-In Service Rig (Rig #1).  Rig #1 (the oldest rig in ConServ’s fleet) refurbishment included an  API Level IV Derrick & Substructure re-certification as well as a complete inspection and overhaul of various rig parts and components (i.e., new working board, complete unit sand blast and paint, wireline replacements, etc.).   Additionally, we incorporated an engineered, API compliant ‘base beam’ which under normal operating conditions eliminates the need for guy wire stakes and associated pull testing verification.  Rig #1 was mobilized to western PA and placed back into service last week.

rig 1 refurbishment 2014

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